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List of well-researched top app review websites.

As the app business grew, bloggers and individuals were helped to set up app review websites to help people easily find cool and useful apps. People visit these sites to read app reviews and get the best experience for their devices. Most app reviews cover all forums – iOS, Android and Windows, but some are just platform-focused like iOS or Android and are targeted at game or product app reviews.

If you are an app developer or app owner and want to get in front of the right audience, consider submitting your app to popular app review websites. App review websites often generate good targeted traffic through SEO and if you can get your app to appear on various websites, it will certainly take some early adopters and loyal users. To make your task easier, we have compiled a list of top app review websites that you should first consider.

Application idea cta 2:

The process is very simple, visit each site and submit your application to the administrator for review. If you have no choice but to submit your application, please contact us by email or contact us on our website and write a personal email explaining the importance of your application and why the administrator is wasting your time reviewing your application.

At that point, let’s take a look at some of the top app review websites.

1. ProductHunt ፡ day

ProductHunt is a technology product review website and is certainly one of the best platforms to showcase your product to technology fans. Before submitting your application to ProductHunt, we recommend that you read about the best practices and product security algorithms. After you submit your application, it will appear in the new section and your app will be featured on the homepage if community members vote for your product.

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Alexa level die 3,344 ፡ day

2. Tech Crunch

TechCrunch requires no login. The site is very popular among tech and non-tech people alike. If you can make your application stand out on TechCrunch, it will be a great incentive for your app to get started. If your app is out of the box and offers a special value, you can easily do it. Otherwise do not consider installing TechCrunch. Try designing other websites on this list 🙂:

Alexa level die 769 ፡

Email: – [email protected]:

3. Mobile App Daily Delay

Mobile Update is a leading media company in the tech industry that demonstrates the unique user value of your app not only to traffic but also to organic leaders. Their marketing plans for your app will not stop at text app reviews but will continue with App Walkthrough Video, CEO Interview, Press Release and SM promotions to create a brand image. So if you are an app owner, public relations agency or app development company, contact MobileAppDaily to increase your brand accessibility and brand presence.

Alexa Rank-72,887:

4. Improvement:

Mashable is another great website where you can get your app in front of a large audience. The site covers a wide range of topics related to technology, science, entertainment and more. You can write a story or informational post related to your app and contact the Scrolling Editor team to highlight it.

Alexa level die 20 1,205

Address Form:

5. 148 Applications:

148 Apps is another app review website. The site only covers reviews for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app. So, if you are an iPhone app developer, consider launching your app on 148 apps as it will bring targeted website traffic that can boost your user acquisition strategy.

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Alexa level die 165,808 ፡ day

Email: [email protected]

6. AppAdvice:

AppAdvice is another great app review website for iPhone, iPod and iPad apps. We really like the website UI and reviews are written directly to the point and the app is well presented. Visit the website and contact the administrator to write a review of your application.

Alexa level die – 35,054:

Email: – [email protected]

7. AppStorm ፡ fall

AppStorm is another app review website that covers all major mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, they post web application reviews and software reviews (Mac and Windows).

Alexa level die – 89,687:

Email: – [email protected]:

8. FeedMyApp ፡ fall-

FeedMyApp is another global app review website where you can submit your next app to get users. The site covers all mobile operating system platforms and genres. They also listed popular tags on their homepage. From popular tags, you can find out whether or not to submit on stage.

Alexa level die – 1,534,568:

Submit your application to FeedMyApp.

9. Bettalist mourn

BetaList is not an app review website but you can use it to submit your application and present it to an international audience. Post your app as a startup on this website. Visit the link above, sign in and enter your startup history (focus on the app).

Alexa level die – 62,351 ፡ day

10. Pre-Applications Dep-

Preps covers iOS and Android app reviews, including games, books, productivity, browsing, etc. To get your app pre-installed, go to the link below.

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Alexa level die – 993,200:

Submit your application.

Bonus pick

11. Webp Market Market

TheWebAppMarket is an online marketing and evaluation website specializing in digital promotion of apps and web products. Although relatively new to the market, this content marketing specialist is in control of the web. They offer a variety of marketing campaigns that are very affordable for both app developers and app developers.

Alexa Rank – 1 341,936

Submit your application.

With this, we summarize our top app reviews where you can submit your app and present your app to the right audience. There are many other app review websites on the Internet where you can do the same. Applying an app to review web pages will increase your app’s accessibility and get some backlinks to your Google Play or App Store page, which will help your app rank higher in the SERPs. We highly recommend this method for marketing your application.

We have also launched ‘Top Apps and Games’ blog editions to build a native search engine for our readers on our blog. So, if you think you have something to look forward to on our list, list us by your app name, your app store link, and informative description. If we find your app cool, useful or unique, we will definitely add it to our next blog post.

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