Best App Follow Me Drones And Follow You Technology Reviewed

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Best Follow Me Drones And Follow You Technology Reviewed

Follow Me Wireless Technology, UV is programmed to follow you, giving you many opportunities to take unique aerial photos.

There are currently 2 types of drones followed by technology. Here, we look at the technology used in the drones that follow you.

Then, we review the 12 best follow me on the market right now, with some scary videos along the way.

We review the following drones from DJI, Walkera, Yuneec, AirDog, Hover and others, including Skydi and Outlook.

The drones that follow you came to the scene in 2016 and my subsequent creation has continued since then. In general, drones follow GPS mode with me, and have other intelligent flight systems (orbit, active track, interest points, way points, circles, topography, etc.) giving you more flight and recording options.

There are many benefits to having a drone with you, including taking selfies with your loved ones or taking your adventures in the most beautiful places.

We now see athletes, cyclists and mountaineers using GPS drones to design their ultimate goal.

Follow me in mode It is also a pleasure to fly a drone. Follow me mode is an amazing technology.

Most of the drones listed below have special cameras and stabilizers that are used professionally. You can read more about these wonderful drones for use. The article includes excellent videos.

You know the existence of a drone that accompanies you with a 4K camera, then you know the best movie of your adventures and still taking photos. Check out our article on the best 4k drones on the market to go with this article.

Follow me GPS drone technology

Follow me It’s an intelligent combat mode to turn your drone into hands-free air camera crew. Now we are seeing 2 types of follow technology being used. GSC has the latest technology from Follow Me GPS transmission technology and detection software such as DJI ActiveTrack.

GPS Transmitter / GSC. The drone that follows you using:

Very few drones follow me using GPS enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets or Ground Station Controller (GSC) with transmitter. The drone has a program in place to monitor the transmitter and keep the case in the image at all times.

Follow Me Technology creates a virtual tether between a drone and a GPS-enabled mobile device, allowing the wireless to monitor you or someone else on the move. Most UVs follow me, and you can stay tuned and follow the course, or go along with the subject.

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Here are 3 drones with GPS transmissions to let the wireless follow you.

  • Follow SkyDio 2 drone
  • Stone HS700 Ophelia:
  • Holy Stone HS270:

The drones that follow you are listed below. You are wearing an Erslish GPS device and the drone monitors that device. Erdogan will rise, follow you, and rest on his own.

The new Skyio 2 has several ways to fly a drone. One of these methods is to hold the Sky2 2 beacon and monitor the drone light. Skydi now is superior and uses a smart watch system to follow you as well as avoid obstacles. Follow the extra drones on the magnificent Sky 2 below.

Drones like the Holly Stone HS700 Ophelia and Holy Stone HS270 have a basic follow-up mode. They use GSC as a transmitter. So the drone is basically programmed to monitor the transmitter in the remote control and always keep the issue in the image.

Drone that follows you using detection technology

The following are the latest drones that use visual sensors and detection technology with software algorithms.

  • Skyio 2 ፡ day
  • DJI Mavic Air / Air 2:
  • DJI Mavic Pro:
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro:
  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom in
  • DJI Phantom 4 ፡ Cry
  • UNEKE Hurricane
  • Unix wind
  • Follow us hovering Wireless
  • Walkera Scout X4
  • Walkera Vitus:
  • Outlet Ivo Home

Sensors and detection technology, along with software algorithms, give UVs the ability to know and follow a person or thing. Following the drone technology, the UAV allows you to track a moving subject without any special GPS tracking.

From the list above, you can see that DGI is leading the way in the production of drones.

In DJI Quadcopters, the software is called Active Track, and is designed for Phantom 4 and Mavic quadcopters in the DJI Pilot Go 4 application and auxiliary software. The latest ActiveTrack 2.0 on the Mavic 2 quadcopter can detect up to 16 different objects on the screen. Then in the DJI Go 4 app select the following item or person on the screen.

Follow me Drone Software:

The software used to organize Follow Me is generally built into the Drone application. DJI has a GO 4 app. Older 3DR drones no longer use the SOLO application, and Arducoter Dye Drones uses Mission Planner software.

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Other manufacturers are building follow-up software in a ground station controller (GSC) such as Walkera. With two clicks, you can set the program you want to follow.

The software is very sophisticated, using algorithms and calculations to keep track of everything. Most of the Follow Me apps by Jumbal and Camera allow you to preview flight distances, heights and angles to give your video a unique cinematic look.

Follow me distance-

Each UV manufacturer uses different regions with different technologies. When you know a drone, it is best to shorten the distance first. If too much distance is allowed between the GSC and the transmitter, the two may lose their connection.

With DGI, drones such as Fantam 4, the GPS is very strong at a height of 30 meters (98.4 feet) and a distance of 20 meters (66.5 feet). DGI drones can follow you even further.

Flight safety

It is good to remember that most Follow Me mode drones do not go unnoticed. Follow me mode is great with wide open spaces or ample space so that there is no break in the GPS signal.

The best practice is to plan your course carefully and avoid any obstacles that may cause your drowning. You can also program your drone to fly over obstacles.

Today, it allows you to set up a drone for each drone or return home. Setting up your homework is always a good practice.

Remember to keep track of your battery and warnings. Follow me until you lose battery power.

Best Follow Drops

Almost all of the drones listed below have additional intelligent flight modes such as way points, orbit, point of interest, giving you excellent movie angles and opportunities.

All drones below have excellent gimbal and camera stabilization technologies for capturing stunning videos and images.

These drones are very easy to fly. In our article How to Fly a Quadcopter, we have some great videos that show how easy it is to fly these new drones.

The latest unmanned aerial vehicles following you

New Skyio 2 Follow you old

Sky 2 2 unmanned aerial vehicles following you

The new wireless, Sky 2 2 wireless technology with monitoring technology is on the market.

This quadcopter, along with unmanned aerial vehicles that can follow you, allows you to record stunning 4K video at 60 fps in HDR resolution. You can also take extremely sharp 12MP HDR photos.

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The Skydo has some of the most intelligent movie recording and shooting modes including Dronie, Hover, Angle Track, Orbit and Cable Cam.

Skyio 2 is designed in the United States. Made and supported in the US.

The founders of Skyio are MIT graduates. After graduating from MIT, he helped launch Google Wing’s Project Wing.

Skyio was founded in 2014 and launched Skyyo R1 in 2018.

Now, we have the latest Innovative Drone Sky2 2 in 2019.

Skyio 2 Innovative Technology

Skyio 2 is the biggest leap forward in technology.

Flight time is 23 minutes and special light at only 27.3 ounces (775 grams).

SkyDo 2 flies 36 miles per hour (58 km per hour). It has a maximum service area of ​​15,000 feet, which is impressive. It also has a 2.17 mile (3.5 km) transmission range.

There are 3 ways to fly SkyDio 2. How to fly SkyD2 2 using the Beacon app on your smartphone or the Skype remote control.

Skydi 2 Camera Catch-

Skyio 2 has an excellent camera built into Sony’s IMX577 sensor and RedDragon ™ QCS605. 4k video with HDR can handle up to 60fps.

Displays a special photo mode to capture 12MP HDR photos for a variety of shooting options, including SkyDo 2, Single, Space, and more.

SkyDo 2 Follow Me Mode:

Skydio 2 Beacon to follow you

The SkyDio 2 technology that follows you uses Skydio Autonomy Engine. This technology can visualize and calculate what is happening around drones.

He can foretell what will happen next and make the right decisions many times a second.

Skyio 2 follows a series of unmanned aerial vehicles using 6 x 4k cameras to create 3D maps around it, including trees, people, buildings, and more.

By watching and understanding your movement, the Sky 2 Quadcopter will follow you at any time to see what obstacles you have to avoid and what will happen next.

When Skyio 2 Quadcopter follows you, it uses the full advanced viewing system to track you in 3D space.

Using Skydio 2 Beacon to follow

Using a Skycon Beacon allows the quad-router to monitor you even though it may not see you.

Skycon Beacon can be used simultaneously with the Skydio app Or die- As an independent tool.

Used with Skype 2 when used with the app.

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