How to Get Fast a Gmail App for Desktop in 2022

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But since Gmail is a web-only email service, it does not have a desktop email client.

In many cases, it will be more convenient to have a Gmail desktop email application. You can find Gmail on your desktop in 3 key ways:


    • Shift Downloading


    • Creating a shortcut to Gmail


    • Using a separate desktop email client


Is there a desktop application for Gmail?

No, Google does not subscribe to Gmail’s official desktop email client. This means that many people have used Internet browser windows as the only way to access their Gmail account. Fortunately, there is a better way – use PC, Mac or Linux. You can use Shift to manage Gmail on your desktop.

What is the best desktop email client for Gmail?

Downloading Shift is the best way to get Gmail on your desktop. Shift is the easiest way to get the Gmail desktop app because you do not have to configure anything in Gmail before adding your Gmail account to Shift. It only takes a few quick steps to add a Gmail account to Shift


    1. Click the ‘+’ at the bottom of the left sidebar.


    1. Click ‘Add Account’ from the options that appear.


    1. Enter your Gmail address.


    1. Click ‘Add’ and then click ‘Done’.


Once you have added your Gmail account to Shift, your account profile picture will appear at the top left of the sidebar. All Google services you use are displayed in the upper right corner of Shift.

Add Shift as a Desktop Using Gmail for Gmail makes not only easy access to your Gmail account, but also easy management of multiple Gmail accounts. With Shift, you can add multiple Gmail accounts and then switch between them without having to log in and out. Since you do not have many Gmail accounts to transfer to one account, this will clutter all your Gmail inbox. One tip to make it easier to navigate between the many Gmail accounts in Shift is to make sure all your accounts have different profile pictures so you can easily identify them.


How to find Gmail on your PC

In addition to downloading Shift, you can also access Gmail on your desktop through other email clients. However, these options require more steps than using Shift as a desktop email client. Shift provides a Gmail app for PC that allows you to manage as many Gmail accounts from your desktop as you want.

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Another option is to download Outlook and sync your Gmail account with Outlook. The process of syncing your Gmail account with Outlook involves two major steps. You first set up IMAP in Gmail. Second, you need to add your Gmail account in Outlook. If you skip the first step, you will not be able to sync your Gmail account with your Outlook account.

Configure IMAP in Gmail


    1. In Gmail, click on the ” ‘icon in the upper right corner.


    1. Click ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu.


    1. Click on ‘Transfer and POP / IMAP’.


    1. Under ‘IMAP Access’, select ‘Enable IMAP’.


    1. Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.


Add your Gmail account in Outlook


    1. Click ‘File’ in Outlook.


    1. Select ‘Add Account’.


    1. In the window that opens, add your Gmail address and click ‘Connect’.


    1. Enter your Gmail password and click ‘Connect’.


Then you are all ready to use Outlook as a desktop email client for Gmail.

How to find Gmail on your Mac

You can download Shift for Mac to use Gmail as a desktop email client to access Gmail on your Mac. If you use Mac and do not want to see your Gmail account in the browser tab, it is the easiest way to find Gmail on your desktop.

There is also a mail application built into Mac to find Gmail on your desktop. It takes several steps to set up your Gmail account to work with the Mac Mail application.


    1. While on the mail page, click ‘Add Account’.


    1. Select ‘Google’ from the drop-down menu Select ‘Email Account Provider.’


    1. Select ‘Continue’ and then click ‘Open Safari’ in the new box that opens.


    1. Enter your Gmail address and select ‘Next’.


    1. Then enter the password, select ‘Next’ and, if you use two-factor authentication, enter the received code and select ‘Next’ again.


    1. Select ‘Allow’ for permissions.


    1. You can then sync notes, contacts, and calendars in addition to your Gmail account.


    1. Your Gmail account will now appear under the Mailbox ‘Mailbox’ on the left side of the messaging app.


There are also many third-party apps for Mac that you can use to access Gmail on your desktop. This article discusses four other options for desktop apps to download Gmail on your Mac in addition to the Mail app (Go for Gmail, Kiwi for Gmail, Mailplane and Wavebox).

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How to create a desktop shortcut for Gmail

Shift is the fastest way to access Gmail directly from your desktop. It’s easy to download Shift and set up a Gmail account to create a Gmail desktop shortcut.

You can create a shortcut to a single Gmail account on your desktop in the following steps.


    1. Open your Gmail account in the Chrome browser.


    1. Click the three small dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.


    1. Click “More Tools” in the drop-down list.


    1. Select “Create Shortcut”.


    1. Name the shortcut and click Create. Clicking on this desktop shortcut will open the account in a web browser window.


This Gmail desktop shortcut is also used for email services such as or Fastmail, which only offer webmail and downloadable desktop email client. In the end, this shortcut opens the Internet browser tab with your Gmail account, so this is not the right solution to get Gmail on your desktop. If you want to learn how to get Gmail on your desktop with a downloadable desktop client client, keep reading.

Is there a Gmail app for Windows?

Shift is a great alternative to using Gmail as a desktop email app in Windows 10. Download Shift makes Gmail easily accessible on your Windows 10 desktop without opening the Internet Browser tab.

However, you can now use the integrated Gmail Gmail that comes with the operating system on your desktop. There are a few steps to setting up your Gmail account in the Windows 10 desktop email app


    1. Select the Windows Start key and enter ‘Mail’ in the search bar.


    1. Select ‘Mail – Trusted Microsoft Store Application’.


    1. Select ‘Accounts’ and then select ‘+ Add Account’.


    1. In the new window that opens, select ‘Google’.


    1. Enter your Gmail address, select ‘Next’ then enter your password and select ‘Next’. If you use two-step verification for your Gmail account, you will need to enter the code you receive.


    1. Select ‘Allow’ for permissions.


You are all set to access Gmail directly from the Windows 10 desktop messaging app. This is another great option for the Gmail Desktop app, although managing multiple email accounts with the Windows 10 email app is not as easy as Shift.

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How to manage multiple Gmail accounts on the desktop

For many Gmail accounts, switching between mobile devices is easy, but it can be a pain on the desktop. With Shift, you can manage multiple Gmail accounts from one beautiful desktop application and easily switch between them in and out.

What is a desktop email client?

Desktop Email Client, also known as the Desktop Email App, is a downloadable app that allows you to send and receive emails on your desktop. It is different from a webmail application that only works to send and receive email directly in your Internet browser. With Email Clients, you can use many different email accounts within the same email client. For example, if you download Shift, you can use any email account, including Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. This desktop email makes it a great option for anyone who wants to effectively manage multiple email accounts.

Why use a desktop email client?

Using a different desktop email client instead of a browser window is a great way to streamline your desktop workspace by reducing the number of tabs opened. If you have too many open browser tabs, it can be difficult to find your Gmail account quickly. All that extra chaos has opened up so many tabs that it only leads to waste of time, and reduces productivity. Using a desktop email client is a great way to have a unique place to send and respond to emails, rather than getting frustrated with everything that opens up in your Internet browser.

Get Started with Shift – Gmail application for desktop capture-

There are very few different ways to find Gmail on your desktop. There is a method that works for everyone, from downloading Shift to creating a desktop shortcut to the Mac Mail app, to downloading a separate desktop email client. You can choose from a wide variety of desktop email clients, including Outlook and the integrated Windows 10 messaging app.

One of the easiest ways to find Gmail on your desktop is to download Shift. Try using Shift as a desktop app for Gmail today!


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